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Infrastructure made from fabricated structural steel is commonplace in urban cities. It is so natural that many people simply pass them on the streets, or drive over them. The primary reason is that these structures are designed to blend into the modern setting around us. The result is that a high-level road bridge, or a corporate skyscraper, does not merely look like a piece of metal, but an impressive work of architecture and engineering that fits right in a modern setting.

Amalgamation of steel composition and artistic craftsmanship
One of the top steel fabrication companies in the United Arab Emirates, LITCO Industries brings innovative solutions to clients in Oman and provides solutions even to the most challenging projects and deadlines. Through the technical expertise and experience of our in-house metal designers and fabricators, we are able to create elaborately designed decorative railings and other metalwork.

Our team of professionals use the most advanced digital visualisation platforms and technologies to generate digital representations that can be modified according to the specific design preference of a client. Utilising revolutionary rendering machines and cutting-edge design software enables us to offer seamless end-to-end services, from the conceptualisation stage and detail management up to the fabrication phase and design implementation.

These technologies allow us to pinpoint and address potential challenges in the fabrication process early on, resulting in lower production costs and higher cost-savings on the part of the client. We can help identify the best material to achieve optimum structural integrity and specific design requirements.

Proactive partnership in each and every project
We understand the importance of collaborating and obtaining input from clients. Given that, we make sure to keep clients informed throughout each crucial stage of the entire production process. From conceptualisation to actual fabrication, we strive to ensure that the design will be completed in accordance with your exact requirements and preferences.

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