Steel Erection

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Steel Erection Company in Oman

Massive steel structures require a significant amount of time and enormous effort to be completed. Large-scale projects like these need advanced technology and machinery, as well as substantial manpower and coordination. The process for mobilising these resources is integrated in the construction of commercial buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, arenas, and other infrastructure.

If you need the expertise of professionals in the erection of large-scale steel structure, there is one company you can depend on – LITCO Industries.

Your top source of cost-effective, efficient, and safe steel erections services

The planning stage is the starting point of any project. We will collaborate with you in setting a reasonable timeline, based on the following factors: scale of the project, availability of resources, and site of the project. Considering local rules and regulations, we will establish a comprehensive schedule for the project’s completion.

Our team will determine tiers that will serve as key milestones – these will indicate the section that must be completed within a certain period. In every tier that has been completed, we will inform you and keep close communication with your designated project manager. With this, you are given sufficient time to give your input on the project.

Our company always strives to ensure safety and security in the construction site

We understand the risks that come with the job – and that is the reason we constantly improve our safety measures to ensure each task can be completed without any accident. As an added precaution, we regularly conduct safety drills and training sessions to equip our personnel with the knowledge and skills to accomplish their tasks with minimal risk.

Optimising our operational processes and improving the skills of our personnel enables us to simultaneously boost efficiency, productivity, and safety. To supplement our manpower, we leverage industry standard equipment and machinery to expedite project completion and meet the forecasted timeframe. We make use of elevated work platforms, lifts, and cranes to manoeuver huge objects and link large sections together.