Structural Steel

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Structural Steel in Oman

The use of structural steel is essential in the construction industry. Structural steel can be utilised in numerous applications, such as erecting bridges and towers, linking different infrastructure, and reinforcing colossal buildings and structures.

As it is extremely tough and cost-effective, structural steel is the choice material for these projects. It is exceptionally resilient and durable, and it needs minimal maintenance. The composition of this material enables it to be highly resistant to early wear and tear, as well as to corrosion and decay.

In the long run, this means there will be less expenditures for repairs and maintenance. This makes structural steel the ideal material for industrial-scale structures and other large-scale projects, as it is both durable and affordable, thus offering superior value for money.

If you need a reliable source of first-rate quality structural steel, LITCO Industries is the supplier that can meet your needs. LITCO are a multi-national industrial company with presence across the entire Middle East region.

In the United Arab Emirates, we have our own manufacturing and fabrication facility strategically located in the Industrial Area 6 of Sharjah. Our production line is backed by a team of in-house engineers, mechanism technicians, fabrication specialists, designers, and project managers. Our collective expertise and experience enable our company to manufacture products that comply with the AISC Code of Standard Practice.

With extensive industry knowledge and versatile production technologies, we are able to fabricate materials from the following: stainless steel, carbon steel, hardened steel, aluminium, and abrasion-resistant plating. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature the most advanced cutting equipment and technologies, which boost our manufacturing capabilities while enhancing accuracy and improving turnaround time. From plasma cutters to shearing and sawing machines, LITCO is extremely able to generate superior quality, durable steel for any kind of application.

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